Smartphone app development: How to make your first business application


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How To Make A Successful Commercial app


Before beginning the development process, there are several aspects that need to be considered first to ensure the success of the project. Before your idea becomes a reality, note the six key elements that you should consider.

Deep market research is the first step in the mobile software development process. A complete market analysis will provide crucial information on successful tablett and smartphone app creation. You should study the market to know more about your top competitors, your mobile strategies, weaknesses and strengths. The data collected later will help you avoid competitors' mistakes and differentiate your mobile application from others. Check out customer reviews and see what they like and dislike, and determine their needs. First, you must define who your audience is, who will use the product on your smartphone, and how to help them. The mobile phone app can become very popular if it meets an overcome the user expectations.


Is it expensive to build an app?


Before defining any app idea for all specifications, you must accept that mobile software development is not a cheap purchase but an investment in your company that usually starts to be repaid within one year after its release.

Depending on your needs, the number of platforms you want the program to run, what features you need to consolidate, and other factors that determine the complexity of the project, costs can range from $10,000 to $250,000 or even millions of pounds.

Make no mistake because you can make a cheap, mobile app, with DIY constructor. It is a fact that with DIY application constructor to create a program is much cheaper than developing a unique business service, but building your smartphone plan with them will increase the risk of damaging the company's reputation due to numerous errors in the app with some smartphones.


What skills and tools do you need to create mobile apps?

The development of mobile software for smartphones and tablets requires a wide range of skills, including proficiency in analysis, coding, design, testing and debugging, and software development tools. In addition, you should keep in mind that each platform has its own SDK and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

iOS smartphone app development


Android smartphone app

To build Android apps, developers must be proficient in the Java coding language. Currently Google recommends using the Android Studio IDE, but many developers have voted for Eclipse, recognizing that the second one can be as good as the first and, in some cases, even better. Android Studio is an official app development environment that has access to all the Android development tools. Other things useful to developers are the extensive JS and Android libraries that simplify development with proven code samples. Learn more about Android software development from the official Android training.

If the developer is proficient in Swift or Objective-C programming languages, you can enable iOS app creation. Initially, Objective-C was the only language to write on the iOS platform, but in 2014 Apple introduced a new language for programmers to simplify various development processes. iOS IDE is an Xcode. Apple periodically updates to make coding and debugging better and more convenient. The latest version has additional editing capabilities that allow developers to examine static code. If you are interested in learning about iOS program development, visit the Apple Developer's Guide.

Windows Mobile app

Visual Studio is a common Microsoft IDE for creating Microsoft, iOS, and Windows Mobile apps. All UWP apps run the latest updates on the Windows platform across all device families to support the Common Windows Platform. With the knowledge of the architecture of the program Windows Runtime (WinRT) and its API programmers can access all the features of the platform. WinRT components support multiple languages, including JavaScript, C ++, C #, and Visual Basic. For more information about developing Windows apps, see Microsoft Developer Resources.

In addition to coding skills and experience across all development tools, you'll also need to have a developer account to access all the development tools and publish smartphone apps on the App Store. For Apple accounts, it is usually around $ 100 a year compared to $ 25 for the Google Play Store and $ 19 for a one-time subscription fee for a Windows Dev Center.

Make your app useful to users

What is the point of development of inefficient apps? One of the customers and potential users of its mobile software has some program expectations, one of which is data efficiency. If you do not want to be the owner of a program that users download and forget, make sure the app uses the data effectively and does not consume too much.

Bring something new

Programs with similar features have many options, but only those programs that have new and unique features attract more attention and raise your buzz. Users are constantly looking for something new and different because people tend to get bored with repetitive things. With millions of smartphone apps available in the AppStore, your job is to make it unique and different from other categories so you can satisfy the thirst for new things and keep users engaged.

Speed ​​is key to improving the user experience

We live in the digital age, sending text messages, instead of sending letters, transmitting music, instead of buying CDs, like finding news from the internet instead of reading the newspaper. We live in a busy and busy world with no time to wait. Users will be grateful if you will help them save time loading or at least tell them that the operation is in progress. Loaded apps slowly make us feel like they are not working or working poorly, and negatively impress your software. Loading pointers, progress bars, and animations can help you avoid misunderstandings, show that the program is running, and handle actions.

Think about your monetization strategy

If your smartphone app is not targeted to internal process optimization and you plan to purchase apps and earn revenue internally, you should think ahead of monetization strategies. Are you going to integrate some in-app purchases features such as premium accounts, virtual currency, or anything else? Do you want to rate your end-user software from the initial price, or do you want to give some time to gain the user's favor? Want to integrate ads? You should answer these questions before creating a specification list for your smartphone program. Also, if you want to set the price on your mobile app, you should consider a number of factors to choose the right one for it.

Create smartphone apps with professional developers


Our team has all the skills and knowledge you need in years of creative IT software experience in the IT industry. We understand the mobile ecosystem to help you bring this philosophy to the mobile market. Our developers, business analysts and project managers have every assurance that the final product will be of the highest quality, both during the development of the validation phase of the project concept and for all the concerns of the startup project. We know how to benefit from each platform by creating a sense of local presence and appearance for all of your company's needs.

Our developers have a solid foundation in a variety of powerful tools and platforms to create any product to your requirements from games to educational courses, and productivity tools. And, we know exactly how to optimize your program, adapt it to all the different modifications of modern smartphones and operating systems. So if you have a concept, but do not know how to implement it better, our development team is ready to help you to define your own ideas and to create an application that will guide you to your goals and objectives. Let us discuss your ideas and develop them into a valuable and efficient product.