Case Studies

Our Recent Development Projects




Working with a representative of the educational sphere, our development team was engaged in a fascinating project aimed at the providing users with capabilities of continuing training and education. Our team has designed a video-streaming platform which offers users video courses with follow-up quizzes which justify the acquired knowledge. As user finish to watch the course which is not allowed to skip and fast-forward, he or she can take a quiz and in the case of successful passing get a PDF certificate which confirms accomplished course. The app also includes premium content, additional courses, which can be purchased in the application.


Cost Manager


One of our development cases implied the development of the enterprise resource planning system for project cost management. The system purpose was to create an effective environment for business process management via a higher productivity and seamless communication between clients, employees, and suppliers. The project was developed for manufacturing and construction industry and required a profound understanding of the workflow and needs. We have immersed ourselves in this industry and delivered software that embraces lean principles and enables users to manage projects minimizing the efforts and risks.




Our customer approached us to create a useful project management tool for lean production. The program we built presents a web-based application for work processes support. It generates, updates, manages and exports schedules, create dependencies, hosts web links and connect actions in real time. Besides program displays real-time business indicators such as team member performance, project’s risks, weekly prospects, and others. The program’s functionality depends on the user’s role. Thus owners are fully flexible within the project and can make any changes to the project team, tasks, and other related things. While viewer feature set is restricted to viewing project data and accessing reports.




One of Australian supermarket brand applied to us to refresh their approach to retail ensuring friendly and people-focused relationships with customers. Each store of the supermarket has a strong sense of independence, and that is why they needed a web solution that could be tailored to the every particular store meeting local community’s needs. We developed a custom content management system that enables administrators to make changes on the main site and at the same time, let store managers cover the needs of their own micro-sites.


City Guide


Developing tourist direction in Brisbane, our customer approached us to build a program which could serve users as a guide telling about city history, famous citizens, sightseeing places, and places where to go. The program accompanies users with a photographic exploration of the history with pictures provided by a local library. This idea creates a completely unique experience letting users compare the modern look of the city with its early photographs. Users can either read information beforehand their tour or listen to an audio guide during their promenade.


Light Output


One of our latest solutions represents native iOS and Android applications for the device management via IoT technologies. Our task was to ensure precise and friendly feel that is why at first we delivered wireframe that displayed program UX, and after acquiring customer’s feedback, we modified it and started the development. Our team has developed an effective mobile application for the light control system and ensured user-friendly system experience.